VaricoFix – is it an effective formula for varicose veins? Your opinions and experiences

Spider veins on one’s legs, swollen and enlarged veins, leg blueness – this is reality for many women. Lack of exercise, frequent standing and circulation disorders are all conducive to these unsightly changes.

Varicose veins are not just a cosmetic problem, but – first and foremost – a health issue. To prevent new varicose veins from appearing and alleviate their already existing symptoms it is worth trying VaricoFix.

What is it?

VaricoFix is a gel for those who suffer from vein issues in their legs. The manufacturer assures the ingredients in this product are completely natural and thus safe.

Taking advantage of the substances with beneficial impact on blood circulation and the condition of blood vessels quickly solves the problem of swollen legs and varicose veins, which is being experienced by an increasing number of women.

Due to the light formula this gel can be absorbed immediately and work exactly where the problem is present. It works on multiple aspects, including:

  • improving circulation of blood and lymph
  • preventing venostasis
  • sealing blood vessel walls
  • alleviating inflammation
  • preventing blood clots

This kind of support for the legs may prevent the development of severe varicose veins, which can only be helped by means of surgical removal.


VaricoFix gel was composed based on medical knowledge of varicose vein treatment. The manufacturer promises all ingredients are natural and focused on removing varicose veins even in their advanced stage. The remarkable efficacy of VaricoFix gel is derived from the following ingredients:

  • centella asiatica, which improves blood circulation and seals the walls of blood vessels, preventing swelling and pain in the legs
  • arnica, which drains blood and lymph, and also alleviates inflammation and pain
  • heparin, which limits blood clotting, allowing it to circulate without stasis and clots; this results in the effect of smooth legs without varicose veins and muscle spasms
  • Polygonatum multiflorum (Solomon’s seal), which tightens and smooths, as well as improves heart action and blood circulation

The combination of ingredients focused on improving blood circulation as well as alleviating pain and swelling, applied topically on varicose veins, is an effective varicose vein therapy and prevention method.


According to the manufacturer of VaricoFix, this gel provides immediate alleviation of pain and swelling in the extremities. Applying it reduces the feeling of stiffness and tingling, the feeling or twinging and freezing of lower extremities, or fatigue and heaviness in the legs.

Legs feel light and rested, have no swelling or blueness – in a word, they are in perfect condition even after a long, tiring day.

VaricoFix promotes the removal of unsightly, painful and dangerous varicose veins, and if applied regularly, it will also prevent their recurrence. It can also be used by women who do not have varicose veins but frequent leg pain and swelling makes them susceptible to this condition in the future.

Product dosage

VaricoFix is a gel intended for everyday use and it should be applied to the skin on the legs twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

Morning application is to strengthen blood vessel walls and promote blood circulation, which in turn is supposed to prevent circulation problems and vasodilatation. Evening application of the formula helps remove pain, stiffness, tingling and swelling.


VaricoFix is a varicose vein gel composed from clinically studied active ingredients. Because of high active ingredient content and, as the manufacturer promises, its high efficacy, the price of VaricoFix gel is higher than of varicose vein formulas commonly available at pharmacies.

They are often one-ingredient gels or creams with limited effectiveness, while VaricoFix is described by its manufacturer as extremely effective.

The manufacturer’s website frequently offers discounts even up to 50%, which makes the price of VaricoFix very appealing.

Where to buy it?

VaricoFix gel stands out because of its complex, unique composition and high efficacy. This is the reason for its selectiveness on the varicose vein product market.

VaricoFix is only available through the official website of its manufacturer.

This is the only place to guarantee the purchase of the original product; buying it elsewhere may result in low efficacy and the risk of allergies, irritation or other undesirable effects.

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Varicofix - reviews:

  1. Has anybody been fighting varicose veins as long as me? For a year I’ve been using a gel from the pharmacy and oral pills, but the veins are bigger and bigger, and in the evening my legs hurt a lot. What’s the chance that VaricoFix gel will work?

  2. Can anybody confirm its effectiveness?

  3. My mother suffers from varicose veins. Just as it says here, I think the main reason for her spider veins is that she spends quite a lot of her time standing because of her job (teacher). She even had surgery to have them removed but there are still some left. I was wondering how to prevent this condition since I don’t have any yet myself. Do you think this is a good product to invest in? I still think the most important thing in preventing varicose veins is to have a really active lifestyle and eat foods that promote healthy and steady blood flow but this might be useful as well.

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