Prostalgene – does it really treat and prevent prostatitis? Your reviews

Chronic prostatitis is a problem that affects many men around the world, although unfortunately it is often downplayed. The first symptoms of prostatitis may vary, but certainly they must not be ignored.

Symptoms such as:

  • temporary problems with passing urine;
  • pain during urination;
  • noticeable elevation of one testicle;
  • pain in the crotch;
  • drop in potency and decreased desire for sex.

… can certainly indicate the beginnings of this serious problem, which in the next few months may become much more serious. How can you deal with it? First of all, it is necessary to visit a doctor in order to diagnose the problem; that visit may end with different types of outcome.

Doctors sometimes refer patients for surgical procedures, prescribe pharmaceuticals, and recommend a proper diet or uncomfortable prostate massages. However, you can also try the Prostalgene dietary supplement, which is advertised by its manufacturer as the most effective solution for prostatitis. Is it really so, what is its composition and what results can be expected?

Prostalgene – what is it and is it worth trying?


The Prostalgene dietary supplement is recommended by its manufacturer as the most effective and safest option in the case of chronic prostatitis. Pain in the crotch and problems with urination not only make our lives less comfortable; it should be remembered that chronic prostatitis can lead not only to a serious decline in men’s sexual prowess, but even to infertility, so the subject definitely should not be underestimated.

The manufacturer of the Prostalgene dietary supplement boasts first of all a unique formula developed in a laboratory using only natural ingredients. We are assured that a week of regular use results in noticeable pain relief, and with longer use you can even completely cure the problem.

In addition, of course, due to its natural composition, the product should also be very safe for health and not interact with other pharmaceuticals. Thus, Prostalgene may be a chance to get rid of the problem of prostatitis without risky surgeries or using pharmacological means that often wreak havoc on the body.

Composition of the Prostalgene dietary supplement

Doctor’s advice is always helpful

We have mentioned that the Prostalgene dietary supplement formula was prepared based on natural ingredients. Considering the information from the product leaflet, one has to admit that it really is so. Among other ingredients, the formula includes:

  • saw palmetto – responsible for normalizing enlarged prostate gland problems;
  • Tribulus terrestris – in reality, a well-known aphrodisiac, which increases the desire for sex and the libido, and can affect sperm quality;
  • Epilobium parviflorum extract – which reduces the risk of prostate cancer;
  • magnesium – an ingredient of great importance for the body; in this case responsible for improved blood supply to the prostate gland.

It is important that this whole composition was prepared in the form of a liquid. The supplement is used as a solution of 10 drops of the product mixed with a glass of water. A solution prepared in this way should be taken twice a day in order to enjoy the effects guaranteed by the manufacturer.

PSA test

The expected effects

It is not difficult to figure out that the Prostalgene dietary supplement is primarily aimed at completely eliminating the problem of chronic prostatitis, and thus improving the quality of life, restoring the man’s full sexual ability, improving fertility and also one’s well-being. However, the effects should be visible in stages. The manufacturer primarily guarantees the following:

  • reduction of pain in the crotch and lower back already after about a week;
  • gradual reduction of problems with passing urine;
  • restoring a normal erection and increase in libido;
  • a preventive measure that will protect the man against the recurrence of prostatitis.

Of course, achieving all of these positive effects will require regular use of the supplement for a period of at least one month. It should also be noted that the manufacturer publishes on its website the results of clinical tests that were conducted in 2013. The vast majority of men who were the subjects of this study noticed a visible difference in improving quality of life, reducing pain and the frequency of urination.

What is the price of the Prostalgene supplement?

Thus, the described dietary supplement provides an alternative to surgeries and pharmacological treatments, and at the same time it is not very expensive. The basic price of one package is around $40, but the manufacturer very often runs promotional campaigns, through which one can save a lot of money.

You can, for example, buy 2 packages at the same time and get the third one completely free, or order 3 packages of the Prostalgene supplement and get 2 more for free.

Where can you buy this product safely?

Many people may be surprised by the fact that finding Prostalgene in pharmacies or dietary supplement stores is totally impossible.

It is sold only through the official website of the manufacturer, and it is done so for one very important reason.

As a result, the manufacturer simply guarantees that every purchased package is original, fully tested and not only effective, but above all safe.

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Prostalgene – forum's reviews:

  1. a very interesting article, I admit it got me very interested because it looks like this problem is also beginning to affect me… the doctor told me to perform some weird kinds of massage, but somehow I can’t really imagine it :/ Have you come in contact with this supplement? What do the real results look like?

  2. hello. Do you know by chance if it is also a solution for enlarged prostate??? Let me know, please, I will be grateful for information.

  3. let’s see what will happen..

  4. I can see some results, not bad for that price..

  5. I’m just waiting for a results;)

  6. I’ve been taking it for almost two years and it seems just controlling the problem getting worst which is better at my age , 68 years old. Can you PM me the contact CP # here in the Philippines to order, my previous prostalgene supply were sent by my brother abroad.

  7. It works decreasing Prostatitis known effects/prostate enlargement after two months of daily use. It can’t guarantee control of E.D. But your desire is not dissipated if you don’t have a vow of celibacy and chastity…dreamboy

  8. how can l get two of it please help.

    1. Send me 8 bottles

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  10. I order it last two years ago but i used it for about three days my question is the remaining could be possible to use and safe

    1. ថ្នាំរបស់ខ្ញំុសល់ពីរឆ្នាំហើយតើខ្ញុំអាចប្រើបានទៀតអត់

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  13. quite effective at all

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