Eron Plus – is it worth buying this well-known product for potency? Your reviews

The quality of sex life has a huge impact on our well-being. Dissatisfaction in this area can cause many problems of social nature in the case of both men and women.

Men’s problem of low potency and poor erection is an extremely important issue that affects millions of people in our country. It is not only dissatisfaction with sexual life, but also lack of faith in one’s own strength and the shame associated with the inability to satisfy the needs of one’s partner.

Bed problems?

A pharmacological treatment in this case can be long and expensive, and the results are not always satisfactory. Frequently the cause of problems is the unhealthy lifestyle, but nowadays it is difficult to increase physical activity or completely eliminate junk food from one’s diet.

However, men suffering from erectile dysfunction are to find help in Eron Plus, a dietary supplement which we will examine a bit closer today.

What is it?

There is really an abundance of dietary supplements for men struggling with the problem of poor erection and low potency, but in this case, we are undoubtedly dealing with quite an innovative product, as it is not a single item, but a set of two different ones which mutually support each other.

These are Eron Plus and Eron Plus Before tablets. Taken according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, they are to not only temporarily solve the problem of poor erection, but even eliminate its causes, thus ensuring long-lasting effects without the use of pharmacology.

Package of Eron Plus

Eron Plus itself is designed to gradually raise the level of libido, improve blood circulation and ensure a really strong erection. These tablets are simply used daily as a standard dietary supplement. Eron Plus Before is a kind of boost. These tablets, taken shortly before the intercourse, will quickly improve the erection and, according to the manufacturer’s assurances, they are to extend the intercourse and increase the intensity of sensations.

The manufacturer gives many guarantees related to his product; the most important of which include:

  • effective removal of the causes of poor erection;
  • increasing the length and intensity of sex;
  • visible strengthening of erection and intensification of sex drive.

In addition, we get a guarantee of the naturalness of the composition, so thanks to this the tablets are to be completely safe for our body. What will we find in them?

Composition of the tablets

The most important ingredients found in tablets, which are disclosed by the manufacturer himself, are:

The right composition of ingredients is to help fight the main causes of reduced sexual abilities, including those caused by incorrectly functioning hormonal balance, diabetes, unhealthy lifestyle and neurological diseases.

L-arginine is certainly the most important component here. It is an ingredient known for its ability to improve sexual performance in men.

Fenugreek extract is of importance here as well, as it motivates the body to produce testosterone, positively impacting the level of libido. Maca root, on the other hand, primarily strengthens the erection, lengthens it and gives additional energy, thus allowing for longer sex.

How to use it? We are checking the dosage

Great relationship?

You probably wonder how to use this supplement properly? We have already mentioned that we are dealing here with two packages of the product, namely Eron Plus and Eron Plus Before.

The first of them is used as a dietary supplement for daily use, which we take twice a day, one tablet in the morning and one in the evening. The second product provides additional support just before the intercourse. In the case of Eron Plus Before, it is recommended to take 2 to 4 tablets about 2 hours before intercourse.

As we learn from official information, the manufacturer guarantees that the first effects will be already visible after about 30 minutes after taking the tablets. However, you can count on strong and lasting effects after a treatment lasting about 2 weeks.

Side effects?

One of the important guarantees provided by the manufacturer is the lack of negative side effects of taking the tablets. Yes, this is mainly due to the naturalness of the composition. Apart from the natural components, we will not find any chemical additives or preservatives, which can only confirm that taking the tablets will really be safe.

What is the price?

All this sounds great, and the vision of improving sex life is certainly attractive for many men. Unfortunately, however, we have become accustomed to the fact that supplements that help with erection problems are quite expensive. In this case, do we also have to be ready to reach deeply into our pockets?

It turns out that it is not entirely so, and all this is due to the quite interesting offer prepared by the manufacturer. While one package of two products is quite expensive, currently costing PLN 189, if we purchase more of them we will pay a lot less per unit. Buying two packages means getting the third one for free. With three packages, another two are free, so the unit price drops even lower.

What is more, the company provides a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. What does it mean? If the product does not work within this timeframe, you can simply send it back and recover the money invested in it.

What about reviews?

Does all the information and guarantees provided by the manufacturer translate into reality? Of course, the best way to check it is to find comments and opinions of people who have decided to undergo the treatment.

The vast majority of people are very satisfied with the results, there is no information about side effects showing up, and many people confirm that the effects are not only strong, but also really fast.

Where to buy it?

The prices we mentioned earlier of course apply to the manufacturer’s official store and here is an important piece of information.

Eron Plus is sold only on the official website, there is no other option to buy it.

This kind of distribution is to guarantee the authenticity of each package sold. It is worth keeping this in mind to avoid shady sales offers found on the web.

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  1. a quick question, is it possible to buy just one of these products, or are they only sold as a package? I’d be more interested in the before one 😉

  2. Hiya folks. Share your opinions about the product if anybody has or is using it. I’d like to make sure it’s not some sort of sham or placebo effect…

  3. do I understand it correctly that 3 packages with 2 gratis is the max what you can order with this rebate, can’t gain anything more?

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