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Keto Light Plus – does it really provide good results in weight reduction? Your opinions and experiences

Anyone who has even a tiny bit of experience with weight loss knows how hard of a task is it. In many cases, people fail. Sometimes it’s because of lack of motivation and many temptations, sometimes it might be an improper diet plan. It is without a doubt that a good diet is the key to succeeding in weight loss. One of the options available is the so-called ketogenic diet.

Supplementing in keto diet – basic information

The principle of this nutritional plan are explained by dietitian M. Wielgosz here. In contrary to other diets, here the purpose is to limit the carbohydrates ingested, while increasing the amounts of fats and protein. It’s a unique option, going completely against with the classic view of dieting. If such a state is maintained for a longer period, the body starts producing ketones, which are used as an energy source.

Food for ketogenic diet

What’s the result? The body “switches” to the new “fuel” and uses the ketone bodies made from glucose. In such a state, your hunger is satiated faster, so you can eat less, and wait longer between meals. That’s why the ketogenic diet is so popular.

Wielgosz stresses that such a diet might be dangerous to your health. If you’re planning to go on the ketogenic diet, you have to consult an experienced dietitian first. With such a diet, it’s important to consume the proper products which will provide your body with the most important ingredients. You need to eat more of, among others:

  • Fat rich products, including fish, nuts, and dairy products.
  • Vegetables,
  • Sodium, calcium, and potassium (preferably as supplements).

This method can only be used by healthy people – increased release of fatty acids into the blood increases the risk of heart disease. Additionally, after its completion it is very important to maintain the nutritional regime. The ketogenic diet does not help to develop good habits in this respect, and therefore without proper control you can quickly return to your former weight (yo-yo effect).

Keeping a ketogenic diet under the supervision of a specialist is absolutely necessary, but can you use additional supplementation that will accelerate the fat burning process? It turns out that you can find products dedicated to such situations on the market. One of them is Keto Light +, which we’ll take a closer look at today.

Keto Light + – what is this product and what is it supposed to work for?

If one is to believe the manufacturer’s assurances, it’s a product with a formula based on the ketogenic diet. Regular intake is supposed to ensure, among others:

  • heavily accelerated fatty tissue burning,
  • noticeable decrease in appetite,
  • smoothing of cellulite in women,
  • detoxification of the body and facilitation of the proper operation of the liver,
  • increase in energy and an improvement in mood.

Interestingly, the manufacturer boasts of the results of using this product, based on conducted research. Based on the research results, over 60% of people have noticed weight loss from 7 to 10kg. The product is supposed to accelerate fat burning in all parts of the body, including thighs, buttocks, belly, arms, and waist.

But how does it all work? Do you remember when we mentioned ketone bodies, which are an alternative energy source for the body? If one is to believe the manufacturer, it’s the ketone bodies which are the foundation of this product. They are supposed to deliver an additional portion of ketones, which will cause the body to not need energy from external sources. That is in turn supposed to decrease hunger and accelerate fat burning. Everything just as the company assures, without any increase in physical activity.

How to properly dose the supplement?

In case of this dietary supplement, we’re dealing with a powder to prepare drinks with. An important remark – ketogenic diet can be dangerous to your health! If you decide to use this product, make sure to only use it in accordance with the manufacturer instructions.

You should measure the correct portion of the powder and pour it into a glass, then fill it with water, mix and drink. You should consume such a drink 3 times a day. Detailed dosage information can surely be found on the leaflet in the package.

Any side effects?

In theory, the manufacturer guarantees that using this product is completely safe for your health, but let us warn you again of excess optimism. Ketogenic diet needs to be consulted with a professional and requires strict adherence to the diet plan. This supplement can be safe only when it’s used in accordance with its’ purpose and in proper dosages.


Cropped of black woman demonstrating her beautiful bodySadly, we cannot provide you with any details about the composition of the Keto Light+ product. The manufacturer gives practically no information about it on the official website. The only thing we know is that the formula was based on ketone bodies, but what exactly is there was not specified. Information about this can be found online, but be careful. The data is hard to verify and we cannot be certain that what is claimed to be the composition is actually true.

User reviews?

What do the users think about this product? Well, our information suggest that the opinions are mixed. Some people praised this product heavily, while others complain of mediocre results. Everyone knows that getting conclusions out of information like that is particularly difficult. We cannot verify if they’re true. What we can say for certain is that many commenters confirm that regular intake of this product accelerates the burning of fat tissue. The important part is the fact no reviews mention any negative effects of taking Keto Light +.

Current price

The cost of buying this product is what interests you the most, isn’t it? The manufacturer boasts that the product is prepared based on a unique, purpose-built formula. It’s supposed to be safe to use and very effective, which is confirmed through results of research conducted on a group of volunteers. You can check that information on the website of the company responsible for distribution of the product. We recommend checking there to see the current price.

We cannot give you a straight answer concerning the price. The manufacturer often holds time limited offers with spectacular discounts. We stumbled upon discounts as high as 50% several times already! Regularly checking the store will surely increase your chances of finding such a deal.

Where can you buy it currently?

In our opinion, supplements such as Keto Light + should only be ordered straight from the source. The official manufacturer’s website is the safest place to buy. Only then can you be sure that you’re buying the genuine article that is effective. In this store, you will find a special order form. Packages can be shipped to all countries, and you can pay on delivery.

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Keto Light+ - reviews:

  1. does anyone know if you can use it also when you don’t plan to go on the keto diet? I’m wondering if it’ll make it easier to lose weight even then?

  2. How much of this powder is in a single package, I can’t find it anywhere on the manufacturer’s website? I want to know how long will one bottle last me.

  3. has anyone used it yet? I’m looking for opinions from people who have gone for the treatment. Let me know what your results were and how long did they take, I’ll be very grateful!

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