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Effectero – does it help with male intimate problems? Your opinions, our observations!

In the past, impotence was only associated with old age, when it becomes a natural consequence of your body aging.

Today, this changed drastically. Of course, nature still “works” the same, but because of the unhygienic lifestyle, this problem touches more and more young people, including people under 30! What causes it, and how can you protect yourself?

Stress and the fast pace of life are not conducive to a successful intimate life

Impotence is nothing else but the inability of a man to keep an erection. As a result, he either cannot start intercourse at all or is not able to finish it. A premature problem can have severe psychological consequences. The guy loses faith in his manhood, is afraid of intercourse, and often begins to avoid the company of women gradually. This, in turn, leads to sexual failure, which only exacerbates mental problems. Depending on the person, it may turn into hyperactivity or, on the contrary, e.g., depression.

Impotence conceptFrom a medical point of view, as statistics show, by the age of 40, the risk of impotence is around 17%. After the age of 70, it is already 35%. Unfortunately, today that data has little to do with reality. The research results are alarming – as many as 39% of people over 40 complain of various problems with potency. After 50, it is already 48%! Why are there such discrepancies in data?

This is the result of the unfavorable pace of life that is typical of modern civilization. People work more and more, are always in a hurry, have little time, and are frequently under stress. Unhealthy food adds to that – not just fast food, but any heavily processed food. Impotence can also be a consequence of other diseases, some of which are now civilization diseases. These include:

  • Diabetes,
  • obesity,
  • problems with an enlarged prostate gland,
  • long-lasting depression or anxiety,
  • chronic heart disease, mostly if left untreated.

Smoking and alcohol abuse is also a significant factor. This shows that we have little influence on the risk of impotence. You can cut down on alcohol drinks and quit smoking. You can also do whatever it takes to maintain healthy body weight. But what about the other factors? To reduce the risk of problems with potency, you can support your body with various supplements, including Effectero, which we will now take a closer look at.

Effectero – what is this product, and what was it designed for?

Effectero packageStress and the fast pace of life are the main factors that lead to impotence. More and more often, it even affects people under 30. Effectero, according to the manufacturer’s assurances,  will provide the body with the necessary ingredients to maintain potency at a very high level. If you believe the promises from the official website, regular use of this product should, among others:

  • improve blood circulation, which will increase the intensity of erections,
  • gradually reduce potency problems,
  • provide additional endurance, which allows you to extend intercourse,
  • improve the work of the whole organism,
  • raise the level of libido.

Importantly, Effectero is a product dedicated to all adult men, regardless of their age. The product is sold in the form of easy-to-take capsules. As the manufacturer emphasizes, only their regular use for a long time guarantees satisfactory and, above all, lasting effects. It is supposed to be the result of a unique formula developed by specialists based only on natural ingredients.

How to properly dose it?

Regular use is of utmost importance here, and the manufacturer emphasizes that the treatment should last at least 21 days. Of course, it can be extended if necessary, but always with strict adherence to the dosage guidelines. You can clearly see the difference between Effectero and classic potency agents – capsules are not used immediately before intercourse.

The manufacturer recommends that it is best to take one capsule a day, about 30 minutes before a meal. If you plan to buy this product, be sure to read the information on the packaging and follow all recommendations. Remember that even natural supplements can be dangerous to your health if overused.

Possible side effects?

Happy marriageFull safety is one of the many guarantees that the company responsible for the production and distribution provides to its customers. Where do such assurances come from? It’s supposed to be the effect of a formula based only on natural ingredients. So watch out for possible allergic reactions. If you notice adverse side effects after taking the capsule, be sure to discontinue taking the supplement and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Product composition

The company boasts of the entirely natural composition of Effectero, so we had to check what exactly is contained in each capsule. The manufacturer shares this information on their website, although we were not able to verify that this list mentions all ingredients. What is certain is that you can find the following ingredients in the product:

  • Muira puama extract – an Asian plant that is used in natural medicine, as a remedy for erection problems (additionally increases libido), among other things,
  • Ginkgo biloba, or Japanese ginkgo – a plant that is probably known to many people, known for its’ calming effect and impact on improving blood circulation,
  • citrulline – it’s an amino acid that strengthens the body, so in this case, it can affect the duration of the intercourse,
  • cordyceps – a fungus that isn’t all that known in our part of the world, is popular in Chinese medicine. It affects vitality, increases libido, and adds energy.

User opinions?

Are you wondering what do people who decided to buy, think about this supplement? We realize that the manufacturer’s assurances are too little for many of you to believe that this product can really be effective. So we checked the comments found on the internet, and to our surprise, Effectero enjoys quite good opinions.

People who write them emphasize that it reduces problems with erections quite quickly, adds strength, and significantly prolongs intercourse. Of course, there are also negative comments, but we have not been able to find information that this supplement causes allergies or any undesirable side effects.

Current price

If you are interested in this potency product and you would like to know its price, please visit the manufacturer’s website. We are not able to state clearly how much one Effectero package costs at this moment. This is due to the fact that this manufacturer very often organizes various promotions. We have seen discounts up to 50% more than once! If you want to buy this product cheap, it’s best to visit this page regularly.

Where can you buy it right now?

Did you not find Effectero in pharmacies or supplement stores? Relax, that’s no surprise. The manufacturer informs on their website that they do not conduct any additional distribution.

This supplement can only be purchased in the official online store – by ordering there, you can be sure of the originality of the product, its effectiveness, and the safety of use.

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  1. Does anyone know if you can just take one of those pills before intercourse instead of taking them regularly? Does that work for potency?

  2. hey, how long did you all wait for delivery, and what are the payment options in that official store?

  3. Please tell me what do you feel when taking this supplement regularly – I will be grateful for any reliable information!

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