Hair loss supplements – are they really effective?

Hair loss is undoubtedly one of the less pleasant problems, which unfortunately impacts a huge part of the society. Progressing hair loss problem may lead to severe depression, especially in the case of women. Determining the cause is really very difficult because there are numerous factors that can contribute to the issue.

The most important ones certainly include smoking and constant exposure to spaces with smoke. Frequently it is also the result of hormonal imbalance, hair may fall out because of chronic stress, taking specific medications, of course chemotherapy or even improper diet.

We don’t have to accept hair loss!

Of course, this is only a fraction of the reasons why we may gradually loose our thick hair and as a result, become more and more reclusive. Luckily, modern medicine offers more and more effective products which allow to not only stop hair loss, but also alleviate its effects through stimulating hair follicles to grow new hair. We invite you to familiarize yourself with a product ranking, which may help you make the right choice.



According to the manufacturer’s claims, dietary supplement Profolan is a very effective product to help clients with hair loss issues. The supplement is first of all based on natural ingredients such as field horsetail and nettle extracts. If someone has used nettle-based shampoos in the past, they will for sure realize how beneficial their effects are.

Here, however, these ingredients enter our body directly and they primarily cause hair follicle strengthening, thus preventing our hair from falling out.

The ingredients also include I-cysteine, which has a very strong impact on accelerating the growth of new hair. The manufacturer assures as well that regular supplement intake will also help improve hair color, making it more long-lasting and natural. The supplement comes in the form of tablets, so it is very easy to take.

According to the manufacturer’s claims, even two capsules taken daily with dinner will allow to quickly stop hair loss and at the same time stimulate hair follicles to produce new hair.



Dietary supplement Follixin has also been created with people dealing with hair loss in mind, but its composition and they way it works are quite different. First of all, this supplement is rich in vitamins from group B, C, A, and it also includes mineral ingredients as well as biotin and pantothenic acid.

The important difference here is primarily the fact that the manufacturer ensures hair improvement, that is strengthening and nourishing the follicles themselves. The supplement has less impact on increased hair growth, but it is very effective in regards to keeping the new hair and preventing the old from falling out.

Take care of your hair, but also of eyes, skin and nails

Interestingly, Follixin also has a positive effect on our eyesight, boosts our immune system, and can also help improve the condition of our skin and nails. The supplement comes in a less natural form, however, and for this reason, in our opinion, it takes the second position in our ranking.

It does not exhibit very strong qualities in regards to accelerating new hair growth, but it has a more general impact on the entire body, so it can also be a good choice. Follixin is also available in the form of capsules, which need to be taken regularly on a daily basis, and the manufacturer guarantees they are save and do not cause side effects.

Give yourself a chance to regrow beautiful and thick hair

For certain, many people experience huge problems associated with hair loss, and they negatively impact our mood, which in the long run negatively affects on the person’s health. The above ranking presents some of the more popular supplements available on today’s market, which can become a mighty weapon in the fight against this unpleasant problem. Perseverance and taking one of these supplements will certainly allow us to enjoy beautiful and healthy hair again.

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  1. so what do you think, guys, which supplement is better? Has anybody used both perhaps, and can tell which one is better and if they work at all?

  2. Nice ranking, I was just considering buying something for my hair because I’ve been losing a lot of it recently… what do you think, which one will be better?

  3. how much do these supplements cost, does anybody have any idea?

  4. Hair loss is simply awful especially for a woman. My girlfriend is depressed because she can’t deal with this problem, and it’s slowly beginning to affect me as well :/ Gee, maybe I should try these, but the question is how and where to order them?

  5. hey, do you know by chance where I could find more information about these products, in more detail?

  6. Hey, if anybody has tried, can you share your experience, I’m curious if they are really as effective, these supplements, because they are not cheap, unfortunately…

  7. I think I’ll place an order, does anybody know how long it takes for this Follixin to be delivered?

  8. wWhy not try, heh, I have close to no hair on my head anyway. Where can I order it???

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