Health benefits of lemon water. 10 interesting and little-known facts

The combination of water and a bit of lemon juice (must be natural) is no novelty to anyone. Such simple drinks have been prepared in many homes since long ago.

Today, this citrus fruit is very inexpensive and easily available, and this, of course, contributes to its popularity. Water with lemon is a great beverage to accompany any grill dish or simply to drink when it’s hot outside and we are looking for refreshment.

However, many people have certainly noticed a trend that is constantly being popularized due to the high activity of world-class movie and music stars, as well as celebrities. Of course, it’s about encouraging you to drink one glass of lemon water each morning [2].

Where did this trend come from? Can this simple drink consumed regularly benefit one’s health? We will try to verify it.

What is the composition of a lemon?

As recently as the end of the last century, this inconspicuous citrus was still a rarity in our country. There was a shortage of it on the market and, as a result, prices were not very affordable. Today, lemons can be found in every grocery store, all year round, and we certainly won’t pay an arm and a leg for them.

This fruit is primarily a very rich source of vitamin C. There is a reason why pure juice has a very sour taste. On average, one should squeeze half the juice from one fruit into one glass of water. This much constitutes up to 25% of the daily value of this very beneficial vitamin [3]. In addition, we will also find several important minerals and some fiber in its composition. It is worth noting that a significant advantage of the juice from this fruit is also its low calorific value. Drinking the glass of water mentioned above, we only take in about 10 kcal.

Lemon water – how does it affect health?

However, it turns out that this inconspicuous drink indeed has a very significant and, above all, beneficial effect on our health. Its positive properties include, but are not limited to:

  • support when kidney stones are present (citrate facilitates the process of breaking down kidney stones, and it also has a preventive effect, hindering the deposition of calcium compounds in the kidneys),
  • it has a positive effect on the skin (cleanses the skin, moisturizes it effectively and delays the aging process),
  • it supports people active in sports (lemon is a natural electrolyte that adds energy, increases endurance and improves the hydration of the whole body),
  • it may alleviate the symptoms of depression (studies have shown that water with lemon decreases the number of antidepressant pills taken),
  • it improves digestion (by primarily “motivating” the liver to increase bile production),
  • it reduces the body’s acidity (although this sounds like a paradox, the sour lemon actually balances the body’s pH – nowadays body acidification is a big problem, which often contributes to the development of cancer),
  • supporting the body’s natural immunity (for sure, everyone is familiar with these properties of the lemon
  • vitamin C strengthens our natural immunity and protects us against various diseases),
  • it can make you feel full (just try drinking water with lemon when you feel hungry, the unpleasant sensation will be alleviated – it can help with weight loss),
  • it helps with constipation problems.

Clearly, it’s a lot for an ordinary, inconspicuous glass of water enriched with lemon.

When, in what quantities and how to drink lemon water?

You must understand that drinking one glass of lemon water once in a while is not enough to observe even one of the above effects. What matters here is regularity. A minimum of 2 weeks of taking this drink every day may result in the first positive symptoms. There is a reason why for some time now stars and celebrities have been promoting drinking a glass of this beverage every morning.

Yes, for such supplementation to be effective, you should drink one glass with half a lemon squeezed into it. It is recommended to take this drink immediately after getting up, preferably at least half an hour before the first meal. Even one glass in the morning will set you up, as well as refresh and perhaps discourage from drinking coffee. Remember that coffee in larger quantities is really unhealthy, and today we often use too much of it.

You don’t have to buy anything special to prepare the drink. Just pour ordinary, boiled (lukewarm) water into a glass, and then squeeze the lemon into it.

Lemon is not always as good as people say

The list of positive aspects of drinking water with lemon is impressive, but … there are, unfortunately, some myths circulated on the internet as to how it works. It’s worth knowing, then, what’s true and what’s false. Here are the most popular lemon myths that simply are not true.

A glass of water with lemon makes us lose weight?

This is absolutely not true. The myth comes from the ingredients contained in the lemon. We mentioned earlier that they also include fiber. It is known from various slimming supplements. Fiber effectively fills the stomach and swells up, and therefore provides the feeling of satiety for a longer time. It does exist in lemons but most of this ingredient degrades when lemon juice is diluted in water. Lemon can only support weight loss, among others by reducing hunger and improving digestion.

Thanks to lemon you won’t be more intelligent

This is another completely made up piece of information. Lemon water improves concentration, refreshes and improves mood, and this, of course, positively affects our mind’s functioning. We may be more brilliant, but our innate intelligence will not change.

Detoxification with lemon?

Many people recommend drinking lemon water as a way to detoxify the body. However, this is another myth. As an example, the lemon supports the cleansing of the urinary tract, but it certainly won’t be able to flush out all harmful chemicals from the body. Drinking such a beverage with an intention to detox makes no sense.

Is it safe?

Have you ever heard of a case when a person had some serious health problems after eating a slice of lemon? Probably not, because it is a completely harmless citrus. Of course, everything has its limits. A glass of water with lemon provides 25% of the daily requirement for vitamin C [1]. It is a component much needed by the body, which, however, can be harmful in excess. It’s enough, then, to simply do it in moderation. One glass of this drink every morning will suffice.

We realize that many people are afraid of lemons because of their negative effects on teeth. In fact, to this day there is no unequivocal position of scientists and doctors in this matter. Some believe that the acid found in this citrus juice weakens the enamel, while others say that it has no impact whatsoever on one’s teeth.

The solution, however, is very simple. If you’re worried about your teeth, just don’t brush them for at least half an hour after taking the drink. According to a common view, the lemon temporarily weakens the enamel. Brushing your teeth too soon can simply damage them.

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