Are erectile pills effective? We are myth busters!

It is widely accepted that erectile problems involve men in their 50s or 60s but this way of thinking is very incorrect. As shown in statistical analyses, even 20-year-olds may suffer from this kind of problems; they have just started their adult life and they are already encountering difficulties while being intimate.

Even young people suffer from potency problems

In the case of very young age, the lack of erection is most frequently caused simply by stress. Because of the stress preceding the first intercourse or before a new partner sometimes the intended result cannot be achieved and, unfortunately, men may blame women in such situations, claiming their behavior wasn’t right. For those in their 30s, stress may also be the reason of potency problems, but now its source is more intense professional life and general body fatigue. It is then that one starts making serious money, and it puts strain on one’s body and psyche. After 50, erectile problems are really associated with the body simply getting older and with decreased testosterone production.

Repeated lack of erection needs to be treated

It is worth remembering, however, that everybody can experience bad timing from time to time, when getting an erection is simply impossible. We can speak of a disease only when at least 7 out of 10 intercourses end up with no satisfying erection. Such a disorder does not have to mean the end of one’s love life, though. Our ranking presents the best supplements, which will help regain faith in one’s masculinity.

Eron Plus

Eron Plus

Eron plus takes the first position on our list of recommended dietary supplements to help with potency problems not only because of the relatively low price (especially when purchasing multiple boxes), but also because of its exceptionally rich composition. Eron Plus is based on the usual ginseng extract and Tribulus terrestris extract, but it also includes maca root and fenugreek, which are rare in this type of product.

Strong erection after as little as 30 minutes

Eron Plus, according to the manufacturer’s promises, is also the fastest-working supplement. The manufacturer guarantees visible effects after 30 minutes from taking the first tablet, and more permanent and stronger results are to appear after 2 weeks. The supplement not only eliminates the potency problem, but it also strengthens the erection and thus increases sexual pleasure.



Dietary supplement vigrax is based on fully natural ingredients, that is ginseng and Tribulus terrestris, and its composition also includes I-arginine. The supplement is to primarily improve circulation and also increase the production of testosterone. The manufacturer assures that the fist effects will already be visible after about 7 days, and a 3-month treatment should give very satisfying results.

Start long-term action

The supplement is available in the form of tablets to be taken daily, one in the morning and one in the evening. Vigrax’ huge advantage is that its effects are permanent, so it does not work for a moment only, and thus it provides the man with the feeling of confidence and being ready at any time.

The product is a little more expensive than Eron Plus supplement, and it also takes a little longer to see its effects.


Dietary supplement for potency problems Zytax also takes its power primarily from ginseng and Tribulus terrestris. According to the manufacturer, it is a specially prepared formulation which brings about very solid results and allows the man to be ready instantly whenever he wants to. Zytax is a very good product, but we decided to rank it in the third position because of its temporary character. Zytax does not bring back full sexual prowess permanently, but only in a given moment.

Be always ready for action!

For best results, the manufacturer recommends taking two supplement tablets about 45 minutes before the intercourse. It is a temporary solution but, according to the manufacturer’s claims, it should be exceptionally effective, and, additionally, the tablets are cheaper than the Vigrax supplement, which was described earlier.

Potency problems do not have to mean the end of your love life

For sure, fighting potency problems and bringing back fill sexual prowess is worth the effort; it will make a positive impact on our good mood and add confidence in everyday life.

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  1. so, take a pill and jump into bed? Heh, somehow I find it hard to believe… have you taken any of these pills?

  2. I have a huge request for you, if anybody has taken any of these supplements, share your opinion here, I would be really grateful for such help.

  3. Viagra does help me but it sucks that you have to plan the intercourse… I think I will try one of these supplements but I could use some info where to buy them?

  4. how much is Zytax?

  5. Dang, I went to a few pharmacies and they don’t have any of these supplements anywhere, I think I would really care about this Zytax the most. Where can I buy it?

  6. Does anybody have info about side effects? Taking them with alcohol? Are info sheets available anywhere?

  7. Hi. Does one take these before the intercourse, or do you have to use them regularly.

  8. heh, I don’t really believe I can still be quite a stud in the bed… pity nobody writes about side effects. Has nobody really used these yet?

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