Somatodrol – natural growth hormone? Does it really work and help gain muscle in a short period of time?

Today the goal of my post will be a subject which, I think, is well known to all those who have tried their hand at body building.

I am for sure just an amateur, since I get discouraged very quickly, but my rather extensive knowledge of chemistry motivates me to analyze various supplements for body builders, which are supposed to bring about very good results and thus accelerate the effectiveness of the workout.

This time I will take a stab at Somatodrol. It is a supplement intended for those who lack motivation, so – people just like me. You are probably familiar with those moments when after many weeks of intense workout and being dead tired every evening you are unhappy about the results?

Yeeees, It has discouraged me more than once from continuing my endeavors. Our bodies are different, they react differently to such workouts, sometimes they need time and in other cases a better diet, and apparently Somatodrol may be of help as well. Let’s see if it can really be so.

Somatodrol – what is it?


At the very beginning it is worth analyzing in detail what the manufacturer writes for us on his website. So – yes, Somatodrol is a dietary supplement intended to intensify muscle mass growth.

It is supposed to happen through increasing testosterone production, increasing the natural production of growth hormone, stimulating the body and accelerating the regeneration process itself. This is just a very short summary; you can find all the details on the manufacturer’s website.

Generally speaking, we have a lot of testosterone here, some stimulating and regenerating ingredients, and in addition – growth hormone responsible for building muscle mass. To avoid unnecessary questions, I will say right away that no, Somatodrol does not include growth hormone among its ingredients.

Remember that using it is illegal and such a product could not be sold on the majority of civilized markets around the world. The supplement is to stimulate the body to produce the hormone on its own in quantities larger than usual, and this is the main basis of how it works.

Surprisingly natural composition

I don’t know about you, but it was long time ago that I stopped trusting those fantastic descriptions on various manufacturers’ websites, and my dislike began when I started looking at the ads of one of the well-known TV stores 😉 For me, the only confirmation of such claims is a detailed analysis of the ingredients, so let’s see what the manufacturer squeezed into his product.

The composition is quite rich and this is what it includes:

  • cayenne pepper
  • guarana
  • vitamin B12
  • arginine
  • beta alanine

You will probably wonder right away what pepper is doing here. Well, its task is to warm up the body; it works the same way as when we eat some spicy peppers and we get got, right? This effect gently accelerates fat tissue burning, and it is really subtle – this is not the main source of the results that Somatodrol is to ensure.

The crux of the matter here is mainly the last two ingredients, which are incredibly important to the body builder. Arginine helps improve the blood flow so the muscles receive more oxygen. Beta alanine, in turn, is responsible for muscle sores or rather for eliminating them, since it limits the production of this pesky lactic acid.

The other two ingredients are simply aimed at intensification. On the one hand, we have more strength and stamina, on the other – our body will regenerate much faster.

What dosage makes the supplement effective and brings results fast?

So in this way Somatodrol is to encourage faster building of pure, or, as it is frequently called, dry muscle mass. These are the main assumptions, which, interestingly, the manufacturer guarantees. We have 3 months to test the product. If after this time there are no results, we can request a refund, which in my opinion is quite brave on the manufacturer’s part.

The results – increased strength and better regeneration – are to be visible already after taking the first tablet. Regular usage is required to accelerate building muscle mass, and 3 months is the period after which we are expected to really look much better.

Naturally, for this to happen, one needs to first of all follow the manufacturer’s usage recommendations. Dosage is somewhat negotiable. We have to take one or two tablets in the morning and in the evening. One can frequently find out that it’s good to take one in the morning and two in the evening, before the workout.

Luckily, there is nothing to write about side effects

Most likely you have noticed already that the supplement’s composition looks extremely natural and there is nothing to discuss here. Among its ingredients, Somatodrol does not include any weird synthetic products that might impact our body in different ways.

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One basic problem may lie in our body’s ability to absorb the ingredients contained in the tablets. This is natural conditioning which we have no control of, and for this reason in some cases the results may be visible a little later.

Where can you buy it for an affordable price?

I have left the most sensitive question for the very end – that is, it’s time to talk about money 😉 Although Somatodrol may seem rather expensive, this is just the first impression. The manufacturer frequently offers sales where we can order a larger number of boxes while paying only for some of them.

As an example, we can order 3 boxes and pay for only 2. As a result, the price is significantly lower. Of course, to take advantage of this option, you need to place the order on the manufacturer’s official website.

By the way, I would not recommend playing any games here. Based on what we see in the regulations, the manufacturer’s website is the only place where we can purchase the product.

This is in order to ensure the safety of all those taking the tablets, as well as guarantee the original product. Shipping can be arranged pretty much to any location on the planet and there are no problems. I’m just warning you because if you find Somatodrol elsewhere, you may be swindled.

Of course, I encourage you to comment. Let me know what you think about the supplement and share your experience, if you have used it, obviously. Take care!

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Somatodrol - reviews:

  1. The price is one thing, for me it’s more important if a given supplement actually works, and if it does, I can spend more money on it. Let me know if you’ve used it!

  2. It was a nice read, for sure it explained the subject better than the sugar-coated stuff on the manufacturer’s website. Thanks, you helped me decide 🙂

  3. I’ve never heard about arginine before. I’ve just looked it up online and it seems like it’s helpful for healing faster, as well as helping creating the growth hormone, so it seems suitable for a bodybuilder supplement. Arginine is found naturally in several products like nuts, chocolate and rice. But I’m wondering about the exact source of the arginine that’s used in this supplement. I wonder why using it is illegal since all the ingredients are natural and usually naturally found in food. I’ve personally always preferred to get everything my body needs from a good diverse diet instead of supplements but I think in some cases a supplement like this is definitely useful.

  4. i am buying this product to take with me to Ecuador ,will I have trouble with cutoms?

  5. Somatodrol – 1 package FOR FREE

  6. Hi, I started to use Somatodrol, and I realised that i got some alergic reaktion.

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