Vitaldermax – is this cream effective and worthwhile? Your reviews and experiences after application

Every woman surely dreams about maintaining her skin’s health and beauty for many years. Unfortunately, the youthfulness of the skin passes exceptionally quickly. Already around the age of 30, the production of collagen – the component responsible for the elasticity of our skin – clearly decreases, which results in wrinkles.

Initially we deal with laugh lines, which appear in those nooks and crannies that do the most work. Over time, there are more and more of them, and, unfortunately, you cannot just cover them up with makeup, especially the deep ones.

The cosmetics market is of course full of different types of creams, ointments or special masks that are supposed to moisturize the skin and provide it with the nutrients necessary for regeneration. We will take a closer look at the VitalDermax product, which is a bit more expensive than typical cosmetics, but, according to the manufacturer, it is supposed to be extremely effective. Is it really so?

What is it?

High quality collagen in a form very well absorbed by the skin. This is to be the secret of how this cream works, which should show really interesting results already after a few days. The most important ones include total hydration of the skin, its increased elasticity and reduction of very deep wrinkles, as well as the removal of the shallower ones. As a result, the skin is to regain its youthful appearance and natural color.

It is worth mentioning that the manufacturer suggests using VitalDermax cream primarily by those who have a very dry or dry complexion. It is in this case that the problem of wrinkles appears the soonest because slow production of collagen is accompanied by the dryness of the skin, which thus becomes prone to cracking. The manufacturer guarantees on his website such results as:

  • improvement of skin hydration and moisture retention for a minimum of 24 hours in the internal structure;
  • delivering a large amount of collagen, which is to be responsible for improving the elasticity and overall health of the skin;
  • the product contains UVA / UVB filters, and thus protects against sunlight and prevents excessive drying.

The assurances here are quite impressive, as the first results of the cream are to be visible after just 15 minutes from the application. After this time, the skin should look more radiant and smoother, and it will become much more pleasant to the touch. However, the effectiveness here is related to the regular use of the product for a certain time.

After 2 weeks of regular application, the cream is to reduce deep wrinkles even by half and to completely remove the laugh lines. After a month, the skin receives full nutrition and hydration, it is healthy, smooth and really beautiful.

How to use the cream?

To enjoy such great results, first of all, remember to apply the cream regularly and use it as directed. The manufacturer recommends one application in the evening, preferably shortly before going to bed, for a period of about a month. Before applying, make sure you completely remove all make-up and dry the skin thoroughly. It is also recommended to use ice cubes for a short facial skin massage. Then a small amount of the cream should be applied to the fingertips and rubbed into the skin for about 2-3 minutes. The cream can also be used on the neck and on the décolleté.

When following these recommendations, we are to enjoy healthy, beautiful and very rejuvenated skin. But what is responsible for these results?

Side effects?

According to the assurances given to us by the manufacturer, the use of VitalDermax cream is to be completely safe for our health, regardless of age. First of all, we receive the guarantee that the composition has been developed in a laboratory and properly tested. We are supposed to deal here with ingredients of natural origin, well absorbed by the skin. At the same time, the cream contains no substances capable of causing allergic reactions, burning or itching.

Composition of the cream as given by the manufacturer

What ingredients made it into the composition of this product? For sure each of you is curious about it and fortunately in this case the manufacturer is not trying to hide anything. The composition is clearly stated on the official website and this is what we find in it:

  • natural collagen (99.5%) which is responsible for increasing the skin’s elasticity and eliminating wrinkles;
  • hyaluronic acid, frequently used for cosmetic procedures rejuvenating the skin, it positively affects the protection of the skin against external factors;
  • salmon DNA – according to research, it can block the deepening of already existing wrinkles;
  • extract from Asiatic pennywort – this plant has a positive effect on the body, motivating it to produce more collagen and elastin.

The composition clearly looks natural and it is hard to expect that the presence of these components may cause any negative side effects of the cream’s use.

Customers’ reviews

To make sure that the VitalDermax cream is trustworthy, one cannot rely solely on the official descriptions by the manufacturer, which, as you know, can often be heavily biased by marketing. For this reason, we also checked the opinions of the customers themselves and, to our surprise, it is really difficult to find any strongly negative comments.

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It is confirmed that regularly applied cream contributes to good skin hydration and protects it against strong UV radiation. Lots of women also confirm gradual decreasing of wrinkles. Although those very deep ones are not always fully smoothed, the skin regains its elasticity and as a result it is less susceptible to the appearance of new ones.

What is the price and where to buy the product?

The only thing that remains is the question of how much one has to pay for VitalDermax. Well, we are not able to provide a definite answer because the manufacturer frequently starts various promotions. We are now able to buy this product up with as much as 50% discount and in our opinion this offer is worth checking out right away.

We warn you, however, against ordering the cream in unproven places.

Because VitalDermax is not officially distributed by the manufacturer to external sellers, only the official store of the manufacturer is the place where we are sure to order the original product.

It is worth remembering because we are dealing with a cream and probably no one wants to face serious problems after its application.

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