Valgorect – is it an effective gel for bunions? Your reviews

The problem of the hallux valgus, often referred to as “a bunion” is, most of all, the domain of women, but quite often mistakenly associated only with the consequence of regularly wearing narrow shoes or very high heels.

The growth of the hallux on the feet can also be related to long-term overweight, flat feet or even merely to age or giving many births.

The basis for treating the problem is, of course, the surgical removal of the overgrown bones of the big toe. Temporary orthopedic insoles or stiffeners are used on a temporary basis. These, however, usually offer quite poor effects, and at the same time can significantly limit the comfort of walking or even make it impossible to wear your favorite shoes.

Valgorect – what is it and how does it work?


The product called Valgorect has been present on the market for some time. The manufacturer advertises it as a safe, effective, natural and non-invasive way to remove the bunions. One should remember, that the growth of halluxes leads not only to a significant deterioration in the appearance of the feet.

It also has the consequences for our health, in the form of, among other things, recurrent inflammation, severe foot pain or serious walking problems. Valgorect is, according to the manufacturer’s assurances, a specially developed cream, which regularly rubbed into halluxes, can eliminate the issue in a reasonably short time, and at the same time protect against its return in the future.

The natural composition guarantees the safety of use.

Without a doubt, Valgorect has a natural composition. According to the information provided by the manufacturer, the development of this composition was a result of combining recipes known in the ancient times, with modern technological achievements, so that the concentration of ingredients provides maximum satisfactory results. Before we find out more about the composition and its effectiveness, it is worth raising awareness of what causes bunions in the first place.

Incorrect distributing of the body weight on foot makes the bones begin to expand unnaturally. In this way, additional support for the foot is created, to eliminate load unevenness and, as a result, facilitate walking. However, excessive bone growth not only worsens the appearance of the feet, but above all leads to hardening of the cartilage tissues, limiting their elasticity and, in consequence, to inflammation and unpleasant pain at every step.

In the composition of Valgorect can be primarily found:

  • Symphytum officinale
  • Cynodon dactylon
  • Taraxacum officinale

These ingredients complement one another, and therefore, their proper balancing is so necessary. The composition of the ingredients is mainly supposed to reduce inflammation, help to remove excess salt, and at the same time soften bone tissue and lead to the gradual demineralization of bone hypertrophy.

Besides, the manufacturer also guarantees an analgesic effect, that will help especially when the growth of a hallux is already at a very advanced level. It is also essential that specially developed composition helps to create a kind of protective layer on the bone, which will prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future.

What effects can be expected?

Beautiful legs and feet

Positive effects of the product depend to a large extent on how long the treatment will be carried on for. The manufacturer guarantees analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects during the first application of the cream. Regular rubbing in halluxes, for a minimum period of 4 weeks, is said to ensure reduction of edema, remove the bunion and thus facilitate walking, even when wearing high heels or not a very comfortable shoes.

The continued use of the cream should provide an adequate level of protection for the bones of the foot so that the problem does not return.

Price – is it attractive?

The price of Valgorect cream certainly seems attractive, especially considering the advantages of its use. If you believe the producer, the cream will allow you to get rid of the bunions without painful and expensive operations, which often, unfortunately, are associated with numerous postoperative complications. Besides, the product is natural, does not cause discomfort as orthopedic insoles and protects against the growth of the halluxes in the future.

The basic price of one package of cream is about 40 $, but the unit price can be lower if you purchase more boxes at the same time, thanks to the offer from the manufacturer. You can order three packages with payment for only 2 and up to 6 packages at the same time, where 3 of them are entirely free.

Where can I buy Valgorect safely?

The availability of the Valgorect cream is excellent, but one should remember that the real product is sold only from the official site of the manufacturer.

Thanks to this policy the manufacturer can guarantee the authenticity of each cream sold, and thus ensure the safety of its use.

To place an order, first of all, you need to fill out a particular form on the website. After doing this, you will have two options: of prepayment or payment at the delivery and, what is very important, in both cases, the price of the order is precisely the same.

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Valgorect - reviews:

  1. In my case, it’s a torture. I gave up on it, and I have such inflammation that sometimes even touching the flat surface with my foot already causes sharp pain: / How does this cream work? I am skipping the removal of the bunions, but does it give relief in pain and inflammation ????

  2. hi Im from kenya and really need it

  3. malaysia here thanks

  4. what about a price? is it cheap?

  5. I need this valgorect gel, please how can I buy?or when?

  6. Please message me f how can i buy valgorect gel..

    1. Rendelni szeretnénk, mert már használtam, de elfogyott és nem tudom hol lehet?! A honlapon nem engedi a rendelést!

  7. Where can we find the expiry date? Thanks

  8. Ik wil het graag kopen

  9. Ik wil het graag kopen,die van mij is al op

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