Sliminazer – innovative slimming patches. Are they worth buying? Your reviews

Shedding unnecessary kilograms is a challenge many people face today. This is largely due to the very unhygienic lifestyle that we lead nowadays.

Lack of exercise and general physical activity, sitting all day in front of computers, irregular consumption of unhealthy meals or stimulants unfortunately make us gain weight quite easily.

Losing kilograms usually requires quite serious sacrifices and this is where things get tough. If the results are not visible quickly, many people lose their motivation and give up everything. Can Sliminazer patches help here, and can it actually be easier to lose extra kilograms with their use?

Sliminazer – what is it?


The Sliminazer product cannot really be treated as a standard food supplement. Although it is supposed to deliver many valuable ingredients to our body, it works primarily at the point of application. The patch is applied directly to those parts of the body where we want to remove excess fat tissue.

Of course, the manufacturer guarantees here that the products contained in each patch are fully of natural origin, and thus, first of all, we find here vitamins and extracts from various plants. So, among others, the patches release to our body the following:

According to the manufacturer’s assurances, all components are present in doses guaranteeing high effectiveness, and also the highest level of safety, regardless of age, sex or medications one is taking. Of course, the patches are of one-time use, so after removing them from the skin, they need to be thrown out and replaced with another one.

The manufacturer really provides a lot of guarantees in regards to the use of Sliminazer, and the website itself presents research results, which clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of its use.

How much does a package cost?

Diets and excercises are also helpful

As most of you probably know, the price of dietary supplements that support slimming can be really high. So, in the case of Sliminazer, should you prepare yourself for a big expense? This is an individual matter, but in our opinion, the price of around $40 is not very high. It is worth noting that sales promotions are organized quite regularly, and thanks to them patches can be ordered at reduced prices allowing you to save your money.

How to use the slimming patches?

It is important to remember that no dietary supplement, or Sliminazer patches we are discussing, will be fully effective if we do not show initiative in regards to slimming. To increase their effectiveness, it is good to prepare a diet appropriate for your body and, as much as possible, increase your physical activity.

The use of patches themselves is extremely simple. We mentioned earlier that they are applied to those parts of the body from which we want to remove excess fat tissue. So, it is enough to stick the patch on, preferably in the morning, and then you can forget about it for a number of hours.

According to the manufacturer’s assurances, each patch gradually releases its ingredients to the skin for 12 hours after application. Interestingly, the patches are responsible not only for improving metabolism and accelerating fat burning. Applied for the night, they have a calming effect and make it easier to fall asleep, which will certainly be very important for those who lead a stressful lifestyle.

It should be remembered, though, that the new patch should not be put on the spot where the previous one was. We should always choose a “new” part of our body to increase the intensity of the product’s results.

What are the opinions about Sliminazer?

Loosing weight?

Fortunately, Sliminazer has already been present on the market long enough so that before buying it you do not have to rely only on the information provided by the manufacturer on his website.

It is known that such information can often be less than truthful, but folks who have already decided to make this purchase provide helpful input. On the internet, there is no shortage of comments and opinions from such people and it turns out that very often the product is praised.

Opinions are very diverse, but after our analysis, it appears that a large proportion of people praise the ease of using the patches and their effectiveness. They confirm information about faster fat burning and the calming effect.

How many pieces are there in one package and where to buy the product?

People planning to buy patches, unfortunately, may be disappointed that the manufacturer does not state officially how many patches are in the package.

However, if you still want to see what the Sliminazer product is able to do, it should be emphasized here that it is sold only through the manufacturer’s website.

This is intentional and, as the manufacturer explains, the point is to have full control over the distribution process of the patches.

Through official sales on its own website, the company can guarantee its customers that they get the original product, which means that it is completely safe for their health and effective in its results.


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Sliminazer - reviews:

  1. so has anybody bought these patches and can say how many are in one package? I’d appreciate such information very much.

      1. Hi, do you send the product to Mexico?

  2. It says small box 14 pieces, large box 28 pieces.

  3. I have a question, what does this fat burning look like, I’m worried a bit. Maybe it’s funny but if you apply the patch to one part of the body, I will lose a few centimeters on one thigh but the other will stay as it was??? Let me know what it looks like.

  4. Thanks for the promo price! We’ll see how it works

  5. There are some results, that’s true, but we’ll see what happens later

  6. Ad says there should be 30 patches. I received only 18 (3×6)

    What’s the effect using patches? For me there is less hunger that I feel and consequently I less eat. For 5 weeks I lost 5.3 kgs.

  7. Hola, Mandan también para México, no viene opción para comprar?

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