SIlvets – a popular remedy that helps to lose weight. Does it work? Your opinions

Is the problem of overweight associated only with eating junk food and lack of physical activity? Indeed, this contributes to it, but mostly the reason there is a lot of chemicals found in food products, as well as irregular diet and frequent snacking.

It’s effortless to put on weight, but losing extra kilos later can be very difficult, especially when we lack the motivation to introduce a diet regime or to start physical activity. Silvets, a unique dietary supplement, that is recommended by the producer as a true revolution in weight loss is going to help with this. Is that true?

What is it?


Silvets is a dietary supplement in the form of capsules, which support the process of weight loss in several ways, thus combating all the most common reasons for gaining weight. According to the producer, the tablets have been prepared based on a unique composition of 6 popular and valued elements. The correct amount and its mutual support activities are expected to generate surprisingly good results.

Regularly taken tablets can, among others:

  • reduce appetite and limit desire for snacking between meals;
  • regulate metabolism;
  • give energy necessary for physical activity;
  • cleanse the body;
  • contribute to the breakdown of fat cells and prevent the deposition of new ones.

It is, above all, a product for those who try to lose unnecessary kilograms, but lack motivation. The lower appetite makes it easier to keep the diet regime, more energy allows for more intense workouts, and the cleansing and overall improvement of the mood increases self-confidence.

What is very important, the producer guarantees visible effects after the first few days of regular use. With time, the results will be intensified, and satisfying effect can be achieved after a few weeks.

How to use? Dosage

Do you want to know how to correctly dose these capsules? The producer gives quite a lot of freedom here, recommending using two to a maximum of four tablets a day. It is advisable to distribute the dose to twice a day. The best solution may be to take two pills with breakfast and another two at lunchtime.

The composition of the capsules

First effects

Six unique and very effective ingredients – this is what the manufacturer guarantees to anyone who decides to try a therapy using the Silvets capsules. What are these ingredients?

  • acai berries – well-known and often used in diet supplements, significantly accelerate metabolism;
  • green tea – for a long time recommended to people who are trying to lose weight, because it reduces appetite and at the same time cleans the digestive system;
  • guarana – another ingredient known for supplying large amounts of energy to the body;
  • cayenne pepper – accelerates the burning of the fat cells;
  • l-carnitine – is an ingredient designed for the athletes, which helps build solid, lean muscle mass;
  • bioperine – improves the functioning of the digestive system.

It can not be concealed that the composition of this product is extremely rich and it is difficult to find another similar, natural products on the market with such an extended formula at the same time.

The word ‘natural’ is significant here. On the one hand, we have to be aware of the fact that we may wait a bit longer for the effects, but at the same time, we don’t need to worry about our health.

Side effects?

Your goal!

Since we have already addressed the health issues, you are certainly interested in whether taking these capsules may be associated with the occurrence of negative side effects. People who use such supplements often complain about flatulence or abdominal pain, but in this case, there are absolutely no such problems.

First of all, we have a natural composition here, but at the same time, the manufacturer provides appropriate guarantees. According to them, the use of the capsules as recommended is completely safe, and do not cause any negative side effects.

The price of the capsules

It’s time to move on to the specifics, which is probably what interests you the most. The price of the product. How much should you pay for this weight loss support? Unfortunately, the basic rate does not look very attractive, because one package will cost you $39

It’s much better when we decide to buy more packages at the same time. On the official website of the manufacturer, we have two packages available, the version 2 + 1 and 3 + 3. What do these packages mean?

Nothing else but real savings! The 2 + 1 package means that we pay for two boxes and the third one is free. In the 3 + 3 package, we pay for three packages and the same amount we receive for free, so the unit price of the item drops by 50%. Even if you do not need that much, it’s worth getting along with your friends and ordering it together.


Although we tried very hard to find negative opinions about these capsules on the Internet, we did not succeed. The product enjoys outstanding opinions, and it is often recommended and praised for its high efficiency.

Among the most frequently mentioned effects, one should emphasize a faster metabolism, more energy, and a limited appetite. There are also no information on any negative side effects.

Where to buy safely?

We have already mentioned the producer’s website. Yes, the official website of the company is the only place where you can safely order the Silvets tablets. The company does not carry out additional distribution, and sale from only one location online is dictated by the guarantee of safety of use and its excellent effects.

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  2. what about this extra boost of energy? I am trying to get rid of excess weight by riding on a bike, but after a few kilometers I am so pumped out that I really have enough. Could this help in that case?

  3. one thing that is bothering me if I buy in the official store, can I pay at delivery?


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