Magneto 500 Plus – does this product have a chance to relieve pain and discomfort? Your reviews

Not so long ago, medicine did not consider chronic pain a disease that must be treated.

As a result, many patients were simply condemned to terrible discomfort of life. Pain in the joints or muscles is often chronic and standard analgesics are not able to help. Stronger medications are available only by prescription and doctors are reluctant to prescribe them.

Although the approach to this issue has changed and pain is more and more often recognized as a disease, many doctors still do not want to prescribe medication. What is worse, standard medical means unfortunately damage the body. Delivered through the digestive system, they negatively impact the functioning of many organs. However, we found a certain alternative on the market. It is the Magneto 500 Plus product, and we will now look at it a little more closely.

What is it?

No, it is not another dietary supplement. Neither is it a medical device, available by prescription or without it. These are special magnetic shoe inserts which in their action use the phenomenon of acupressure. What is it actually about?

Perhaps you have not heard about acupressure or maybe you are familiar with the term but do not know what it means. Numerous studies show that the human foot is full of small points responsible for the work of various organs, as well as for the functioning of the whole organism. Thus, appropriate stimulation of specific points (massaging them) can have a positive effect on improving health. Stimulation also has an effect on pain relief.

This very phenomenon is used by the Magneto 500 Plus magnetic insert. According to the manufacturer, its special structure stimulates many points on the foot, relieving pains of various origins, improving the functioning of many organs, and at the same time adding vital energy and improving one’s well-being. Acupressure itself, that is pressure applied to the foot, is actually reflected in clinical trials. Unfortunately, it is difficult to assess how effective the use of such a shoe insert can be.

However, it surely looks encouraging. There are over 40 different centers on the feet, but most importantly, the treatment of pain in this case is not associated with poisoning one’s body. What is more, applying pressure to the right spots can even improve detoxification of the body.

How to use it?

How should these inserts be used? In fact, there is no one predetermined option. It is best to just wear them as often as you can. When going to work, nothing prevents you from putting them in your shoes and wearing them for 8-10 hours a day. The manufacturer guarantees, however, that pain is relieved even after 8 minutes from putting the inserts in. Wearing them regularly every day is supposed to literally cure the problem. According to the information available on the website, the full treatment takes about 28 days.

Side effects?

In this case, it is rather difficult to imagine any side effects of using these inserts. It is a product that only comes into contact with our feet. We do not need to take any pills, or apply gel or ointment to our body. Thus, the manufacturer guarantees full safety when using inserts. They are to be made of a material that is soft and pleasant to the touch and also adapts well to every foot and stimulates all important points.

What is inside the inserts?

From the outside they are just ordinary insoles for shoes that everybody is familiar with. Their shape is designed in such a way, though, that small projections stimulate specific points on the feet. In this case, however, we are dealing with magnetic inserts. Inside, there are magnets, whose power, according to the manufacturer, is 970 gauss, which is quite a lot. The action of the magnetic field in this case is to increase the stimulation, and thus accelerate the results of the therapy in question.

The company also guarantees that although the magnetic field generated by the inserts is quite strong, it is completely safe for human health. The magnetic field itself has a double action here.

On the one hand, it disturbs the flow of electrical impulses generated in the human nervous system. It is thanks to this that the pain is supposed to be relieved immediately. Secondly, this field speeds up the movement of red blood cells. Because of this, the cells are better oxygenated and more effectively nourished.


If you are interested in the opinions about this product, you can theoretically get to know them even now, because there are a lot of them on the manufacturer’s website. However, it is difficult to assess their credibility. For this reason, we have quite thoroughly reviewed various social forums and portals.

In these places, there is no shortage of comments written by customers themselves and they create a really attractive image of these inserts. Most of them confirm very quick pain relief. However, many people also mention that after a while they simply felt better and had more strength. There is, of course, a number of unfavorable comments, but they are not prevail among these opinions.

What is the price and where to purchase?

The manufacturer’s official website is the only place where the product can be ordered safely. No additional distribution is carried out, so there is a good chance that the inserts bought elsewhere will simply be cheap counterfeits.

The price in its standard form may not look encouraging. About $70 for a couple of inserts is really a lot, but there is no need to worry; just visit the manufacturer’s website regularly. Very frequently you can find promotions, often extremely attractive. Even at this moment the inserts are sold with a 50% discount, so the price looks much more affordable.

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Magneto 500 Plus - reviews:

  1. question: are these inserts universal as far as size is concerned? Or, when placing the order, do you choose a specific size? Does anybody know?

  2. Whassup! Have you by any chance seen these inserts at pharmacies? I had an opportunity to buy them at some point but it probably wasn’t this and cost much less. I’m asking because maybe it will be possible to order at a pharmacy for less 😉

  3. hey. Is there anybody here that wears these inserts? I’m very curious if they are really so comfortable and do they even help. I have a terrible joint pain, it’s degeneration already and sadly gets worse from month to month ;(


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