Erozon Max – does it work the way it is supposed to? Effectiveness and side effects?

Erection problems, lack of control over ejaculation, very short intercourse or even the inability to have sex several times in a row, are – unfortunately – some of the many symptoms of sexual potency problems in men.

Most people either do not notice the problem or refuse to admit to it, trying to convince themselves that everything is in order regarding their manhood.

Unfortunately, the statistics reveal a sad truth. The vast majority of women do not feel sexually fulfilled in their relationships. Nowadays, the potency problem concerns not only older men, but more and more frequently also the young ones.

Do you see yourself here?

Constant stress, problems at work, unsatisfactory income or unhealthy food are just the tip of many hardships of everyday life, which gradually exacerbate potency issues.

The Erozon Max dietary supplement available on the market, however, is advertised as the true remedy for low potency problems in men of all ages. What is this product and what effects is it supposed to guarantee?

Erozon Max – what product is it?

Erozon Max

The manufacturer advertises Erozon Max not only as an effective weapon in the fight against low potency, but also as a safe supplement that can be taken without any counter indications at any time, whenever one wants to achieve maximum sexual satisfaction.

It should be emphasized here that the dietary supplement should not be considered a medication; it is only ad hoc support in potency problems. Taken shortly before the intercourse itself, it is supposed to ensure the results of its impact even for several hours, while not causing any negative side effects.

Natural composition – the supplement’s significant advantage

In the case of dietary supplements, their effectiveness always turns out to be higher when their composition is based solely on natural products – and it is so in the case of Erozon Max.

The manufacturer goes as far as guaranteeing the natural origin of the entire composition, which translates to more intense and longer results of application, and also to the product’s safety of use. Each tablet of the supplement includes the following:

All these ingredients are responsible for relaxing the entire body, calming, increasing ejaculation control, improving blood flow or, among others, elevating the level of libido.

The manufacturer guarantees that the composition has been prepared based on many years of laboratory research, which allowed to choose the perfect mixture which combines effectiveness and safety.

The results – what can one expect?


The results after taking an Erozon Max pill are supposed to not only be visible within a very short time, but first of all be long-lasting, thus guaranteeing unforgettable sexual experience.

This dietary supplement is supposed to first of all very significantly improve the erection itself; according to the manufacturer, the effect is even four times stronger than during an erection without using the tablets.

A big advantage may be the fact of better control of ejaculation. Stronger erection, combined with ejaculation control, allows to significantly extend each intercourse and thus fulfill oneself sexually, as well as meet the expectations of the partner. 

The natural origin of the ingredients, however, strengthens the body even more, and this in turn translates to greater stamina and the ability to have sex multiple times practically without any rest.

Simple dosage

We have already mentioned that Erozon Max was created as an ad hoc means to fight erection problem in men. This is why this supplement should not be taken regularly, at a certain time of the day and for a specific period of time. Ad hoc means that the tablets are to be taken right before the intercourse.

For best results, the manufacturer recommends swallowing one tablet about 30 minutes before the intercourse. It is crucial not to exceed the recommended dose as it may have the opposite effect from the intended one.

The effects of taking the tablets should remain noticeable for several hours afterwards.

Side effects – is there anything to worry about?

Those who use this type of products are certainly worried about their health but in the case of Erozon Max we have the manufacturer’s guarantee of safety. There is nothing unusual about it.

Taking into account the exceptionally natural composition of each tablet, one really does not need to worry about the negative side effects as long as the right dosage is adhered to. The only people that should be cautious are those whose have allergic reactions to one of the ingredients.

Where can this supplement be purchased and how much does it cost?

Is it worth checking out the possibilities guaranteed when using Erozon Max dietary supplement? Taking into account the current speed of life, weak erection problems are more common than we think.

Strengthening the erection will totally turn around our love life, making it more satisfying; it will improve your mood and many times save the relationship from a breakup.

The guarantee of safety is not the only factor that speaks for trying this supplement – so does its relatively affordable price, as one packet of tablets costs around $50 and the shipping cost is already included in this amount.

However, it is necessary to mention here that the manufacturer, wanting to ensure the supplement’s high quality, sells it exclusively through its own website.

It is on the official website of the manufacturer that one can order Erozon Max by filling out a short form with shipping information.


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  1. What do the actual effects look like? I’m primarily interested in extending the intercourse time since I belong to the unfortunate group of quick draws…

  2. what about spontaneous sex? If I take the tablets just a few minutes before sex will I see any improvement, or will this “power” come after everything is done?

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