Eco Slim – does it actually promote weight loss? Your reviews and experiences

Eco Slim is a product that supports the weight loss process and is entirely based on natural ingredients.  It helps to regulate metabolism, decrease appetite and speed up the burning of excess body fat.

Do you see yourself here?

These three factors are very important in the fight to achieve your ideal body shape, staying healthy and feeling great. Both users and experts say that these drops help to shed extra weight without the need of dieting that may be ineffective, unpleasant and even dangerous for your health. Today this dietary supplement is gaining considerable popularity among those who are struggling with being overweight or obese.

Supplement Composition

Eco Slim package

Eco Slim slimming drops are based on a composition that uses only natural ingredients. This means that the product is free of natural and synthetic chemicals. The ingredients have been developed and combined in such a way that weight loss can be achieved without the need of heavy physical exercise or the use of restrictive diets. Laboratory studies have shown that this supplement contains the following composition:

  • L-carnitine – an amino acid that helps to burn fat,
  • chitosan – an intumescent ingredient in the gastrointestinal tract that helps to reduce appetite,
  • Guarana extract – acts as a stimulant and prevents heart attacks,
  • Algae extract – provides both amino acids and vitamins.
  • Indian nettle extract – strengthens the body, protects the heart and promotes weight loss,
  • Succinic acid – a component found in most fruits and vegetables, removes toxins and burns fat.
  • Caffeine – stimulates the body and improves mood,
  • Vitamin B2, B5, B6, B8 and B12 – regulates metabolic processes and lowers cholesterol, etc.

Efficiency and Effects

According to users, this product is highly effective in assisting with weight loss. It especially enjoys favourable opinion from those who have tried many different ways to lose their excessive body fat.

It is possible to find many reviews on the internet and elsewhere of people recommending this product to their loved ones and others. Research experts and the manufacturer of this product both confirm that it is possible to drop even as much as 10 to 12 kg per month with regular use of Eco Slim.

Dosage, or how to take it?


According to the manufacturer only one glass a day of this drink is needed to feel its positive effects. Experts and existing customers both confirm that regular consumption of this product in the stated daily amount helps with weight loss, strengthens and removes harmful toxins from the body.

This product contains only natural ingredients so there are no side effects.

Price. Is it cheap?

For many people, effective weight loss is very important. There are many cheaper alternatives of this product on the market, but they are made from different compositions that include various harmful chemicals.

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Eco Slim is a more expensive product compared to the alternatives. However research laboratories and current users have confirmed that its all-natural composition is very effective. Of course, such a product comes at a price.

It is possible to find this product with a variety of discounts and promotions. So now you can order it at a discounted price. These are more reasonable prices for this product, which in the opinion of the manufacturer, users and experts, not only helps with weight loss, but also has a positive effect on the state of the user’s health.

Where can I buy Eco Slim?

Unfortunately pharmacies do not sell supplements of this type, so it is only possible to purchase this supplement online. There are a number of stores online that sell such products, so beware of various suspicious auctions on auction sites.

It may turn out that you will purchase fake products that do not work as they should and could be harmful to your body. When it comes to your health and taking care of your body shape it is always best to use reliable and proven sources.

The best place to buy Eco Slim supplements from would be direct from the manufacturer HERE. In this way, you can be certain that the product originates from a trusted source. Furthermore, numerous promotions can be found so it is possible to purchase this product at a cheaper price.

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Eco slim - reviews and complaints:

  1. I heard about this supplement, but the price scares me a little. I don’t want to throw that amount of money down the drain. I want to make sure that Eco Slim is really effective before I buy. Can anyone who has used this product dispel my doubts?

    1. I’ve been using Ecoslim for 22 days now and still continuing to use it. I should say it’s effective. I lost 7lbs already in less than a month. No regrets. I love it and will still continue using it until I reached the desired weight.

      1. How many tablets you have to take in a day?

  2. There is little information online about this product. Does anyone use Eco Slim? Perhaps you know someone who has lost weight thanks to this supplement? I could do with any information. I wish to lose weight, but I do not want to invest in an unproven product.

  3. As always, I always trust a product more when I see that it contains natural ingredients. However, I’m wondering if the product is vegan since it has L-carnitine which is usually found in meat. Also, I know Algae extract is amazing for your health but I wasn’t really aware that it can also help you lose weight. Even thought, if I come to think of it, mostly any healthy diet can help you lose weight. I’m not sure I understand how to take this product. It says there to take a glass every day but the bottle seems rather small. I would assume you actually have to put some drops in a glass of water?

  4. I Am from Philippines I would like to buy eco slim. Hoping their is COD here in Philippines in Cebu. Cash on delivery so I can assure that I can buy in secured and see the actual eco slim with out doubt thank you hoping it can Help us to loose weight thanks and God Bless…

  5. I need to know if it actually works

  6. Is there any side effect of taking this especially my line of work is traveling everyday. Like other pills that require to use comfort room from time to time.

  7. How do you drink it? Do you drop one in full glass water?

  8. Hello!!!is it ok to take eco slim tablet while using contraceptives pills??thanks

  9. Is it safe to use for women who are breastfeeding?

  10. Hello how many days upon delivery?
    I am from philippines in cebu also.
    And is this ok to take eco slim while I’m taking contraceptive pills ?

  11. 1. How to consume the product?
    2. How long can 1 bottle last?
    3. Any important precautions need to be aware of during the period of consuming this product?

    1. We have limited Eco Slim -50% discount offer FOR YOU – Ends 20.05.24. Click to see it

    2. How long can one bottle last

  12. I just received my purchase of ECOSLIM and based on the box it’s from Thailand. I assumed before the purchase it was the bottle would contain drops that would last a month instead I got a bottle of 10 evervesant tablets which only last 10 days. It’s that the product I am supposed to get?

    Please advise.


  13. How much does it cost

  14. After the fat have been broken down , which part of the body is t stored?

    1. I am in Nigeria,how can i get the product and what is the price of one bottle.

  15. Pls reply my call as soon as possible trying call u guys why no respond a bit doubts… It’s really genuine product

  16. Can I really trust it. I want someone who drink this tablet reply me and tell me it’s really loose weight.

  17. I am through taking 10 tabs and starting on my next set of 10 tabs..have not noticed any loss yet but I pursue drinking a glass each day. Hoping to experience real weight loss this time.

  18. Im on thyroxine. Is it safe to take these & will it be effective ?

  19. Hello please how do I place order for ecoslim product

  20. Plz tell if it really works or not…..if someone has taken this product and lost weight after consuming it

  21. Does it really work?

  22. When I should take the daily ecoslim , is it after or before food , morning or evening can toy explain please

  23. Is there age limit?

  24. Can a diabetic patient take ecoslim?

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