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Bluronica – does the serum which improves the look of the skin really work? Your reviews

| Updated: June 7, 2021

Did you know that, statistically speaking, as early as from the age of 26, collagen production in our body clearly decreases? Until this age, this component, which constitutes up to 60% of our skin’s building material, is intensively produced and constantly replaced. If in insufficient amounts, it contributes to the loss of skin elasticity and to the emergence of wrinkles, and over the years this process progresses faster and faster.

The worst period is the time of entering menopause. This is when a woman can lose up to 30% collagen in just 5 years, clearly aging in appearance. Deprived of elasticity and proper hydration, the skin begins to lose its resilience; it wrinkles, the face’s contour sags, the color fades and weakens noticeably. Although this is how our nature works, modern cosmetic products allow to effectively stop this process, as well as limit its progress later on. These products include Bluronica, which we will discuss below.

What is it?

The product we mentioned above is a special serum nourishing and rejuvenating the skin, which, according to the assurances, is to be not only effective, but also exceptionally safe, thanks to the use of a natural composition. It is worth mentioning here that the skin aging process is associated not only with collagen deficit. It is also a decrease in moisturizing, exposing the face to UV radiation, too much toxic compounds in the body or frequent staying in very smoky rooms.

As the manufacturer suggests, the serum is supposed to work in a sort of 3-step manner. These three steps bringing us closer to rejuvenating our skin are:

  • hydrating the skin – the elements included in the composition penetrate into the structure, hydrate it and retain water for an extended time, and they also contribute to the smoothing of wrinkles;
  • smoothing – this is where the process of gradual reduction of wrinkles takes place, mainly by stimulating the body to increase the production of collagen;
  • regeneration and protection – in the last stage the skin will be constantly nourished, so that regeneration will progress even faster, and the rebuilt structure would be resistant to difficult conditions, which should delay the aging process itself.

According to the company’s assurances, the whole action of the product is based on fully natural ingredients, which we will look at in a moment. The Bluronica Serum is suitable for women of all ages, regardless of the current state of skin health. In any case, its regular use is to provide very satisfying results in the form of healthier and better nourished skin, smoothed wrinkles and restoration of the natural color.

How to use the serum?

If you decide to buy this product, many of you will be surprised by the small size of the serum bottle. No worries, this product is very efficient, and at the same time when it is used, it is really applied in  minimal amounts.

We do everything according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. One drop of serum should be applied to the skin and then rubbed in with circular movements over the largest possible area of ​​the skin. We repeat the process, of course, on other parts of our face, of course. This is the end of the procedure. The manufacturer recommends doing this in the morning and in the evening, preferably regularly for a period of about 30 days, on order to achieve satisfactory and, above all, lasting results.

Side effects

The manufacturer gives all customers a full guarantee of safety on their serum, but we are well aware that for most of you it is not enough. Fortunately, the manufacturer’s website lists the full composition of this product, and we have analyzed it. In our opinion, these guarantees are corroborated.

The ingredients are very natural and even if you are not satisfied with the effects of your action, your health should still be safe. The natural composition is always associated with the possibility of minor allergic reactions, but in this case their chance is rather small.

You probably are very interested in what this manufacturer “inserted” into this inconspicuous bottle, right? We are hastening to provide explanations.

Composition of the anti-aging serum

The Bluronica serum formula is based on 4 main elements:

  • blueberry extract;
  • verbena extract;
  • resin extract;
  • glycerin.

Blueberry and verbena are certainly well known to many people because these ingredients are quite frequently used in various cosmetic products, and blueberry itself can even be consumed in the form of a tasty infusion. These are primarily the ingredients responsible for improving the efficiency of collagen production, skin nutrition and removing impurities from it.

The resin, by many people called dragon’s blood, is quite interesting. Yes, it is undoubtedly an ingredient that can positively affect the skin’s elasticity and resilience. The manufacturer adds here  the action that prevents aging, but unfortunately we found this aspect difficult to confirm.

We also have glycerin, probably known to everyone as well. It is a transporter of sorts, an ingredient that facilitates the penetration of other ingredients from this serum into the deep layers of the skin.

It can be clearly seen that the composition is very natural and even glycerin itself is known for its neutral impact on the body, so the side effects of its use are rather unlikely.


Of course, we would not be ourselves if we did not try to verify the beautiful assurances of the manufacturer through the opinions posted by the clients. Would you like to know what we learned from them?

Certainly, many people praise the fact that the skin after applying the serum is silky smooth, very pleasant to the touch, and therefore clearly well moisturized. To a certain extent, the elimination of imperfections is also confirmed here, although we know at the same time that with very deep wrinkles it is not always a cakewalk. It was difficult to find any very negative comments among the opinions. Customers are rather satisfied and we have not been able to find information about negative side effects.

What is the price and where can it be purchased?

Do you have to reach deep into your pocket when deciding to buy this serum?. It turns out that promotions on the manufacturer’s website are quite common.

However, if the answer convinces you to go ahead with the purchase, remember that the order can only be placed on the official website of the manufacturer.

Bluronica is not distributed in our country to any other stores.

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Bluronica - reviews:

  1. How is it exactly with this hydration? Does this product really do it so well that you have to be careful with creams afterwards? Everybody knows that overmoisturizing the skin is no good, either.

  2. if you have already used this cream, please share your observations. I’m strongly considering buying this product but I’d like to see your opinions first 😀

  3. is this serum suitable for oily complexion as well? I have problems with wrinkles and am unable to deal with it, I’ve tried a bunch of cosmetics already – nothing :/

  4. thanks for the promo

  5. it simply works!!!

  6. Its perfect and can reduce wrinkles


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